I have to remind myself

To remind myself

That I am here

That I am here

I need to repeat myself

To repeat myself

That this is now

That this is now

The silence of the moon

Is the pill that I take

And all the fog

Spinning round

Has found its place

The blinding of the sun

Is the music that I make

And all the doubts

Escape as I awake

In the alien city

The devil beside

The angel on the shoulder

Of the man behind me

My alien city

It knows me intimately

And the piercing sounds

The b-b-bring me downs

They make me p-p-proud.

I drank the magic potion

And then I lost my vision

Uh-oh, uh-oh

I had to start dancing

Old school style, like a child

With the ants-in-the-pants

And I am here

I am here

My hips and my feet

Are competing for speed

Light years away

As I touch

Everything I ever wanted to be.

I thump to an alien beat

On an alien street.



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